# 2020-2021

# Netlab Seminar - Spring 2021

Date Topic Speaker Download
2021.03.16 A Low-Cost Single-Anchor Solution for Indoor Positioning Using BLE and Inertial Sensor Data JYUN-YAN WU(吳俊諺) download
2021.03.23 A Reliable Smart Interaction With Physical Thing Attached With BLE Beacon Bo-Ye Chi(紀伯燁) download
2021.04 TBA TBA TBA

# Netlab Seminar - Fall 2020

Date Topic Speaker Download
2020.09.30 A BLE-based multi-gateway network infrastructure with handover support for mobile BLE peripherals Jia-Wei Guo(郭家瑋) download
2020.10.07 An Energy Balanced Flooding Algorithm for a BLE Mesh Network Chun-Yuan cheng(鄭鈞元) download
2020.10.14 A Network Traffic Prediction Method Based on LSTM Yung-Tsuen Tu(凃泳村) download
2020.10.21 Dynamic Control Plane for SDN at Scale Li-Yen Tseng(曾立嚴) download
2020.10.28 UWB Ranging Jer-Cheng Lin(林哲丞) download
2020.11.11 FSM - based power modeling of wireless protocols: the case of bluetooth Huan-Teng Shen(沈煥騰) download
2020.12.02 A Data-Driven Robustness Algorithm for the Internet of Things in Smart Cities JHIH-CHING SYU(許至慶) download
2020.12.09 WiFi Dimensioning to offload LTE in 5G Networks HE-QUN XIAO(蕭禾群) download
2020.12.16 Improve Performance of Indoor Positioning System using BLE Bo-Ye Chi(紀伯燁) download
2020.12.23 An Experimental Performance Evaluation of Bluetooth Mesh Technology for Monitoring Applications JYUN-YAN WU(吳俊諺) download
2020.12.30 A Hierarchical Distributed Control Plane for Path Computation Scalability n Large Scale Software-Defined Networks Chi-Cheng Hsiao(蕭誌成) download
2021.01.20 A Cluster Principal Component Analysis Based Indoor Positioning Algorithm Xin-Zhi Yang(楊信致) download
2021.01.20 Load Balancing Under Heavy Traffic in RPL Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks ZHEN-AN HUANG(黃禎安) download
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